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Citizens Collaborating for Pristine Creeks

As a citizen of Granville County, there are a number of ways that you can get involved! No expertise is needed, just an interest in your community and the will to help. This page will give you some information on ways that you can get involved or put you into contact with the appropriate people or organizations.*

Get Involved in Your Local Government

An easy way to become involved is by writing to your representatives.  Remember, the people you vote into office make very important decisions about your county.  Write to your state and/or local representatives and let them know your concerns.  Information about current Granville County commissioners and contact information can be found here. Contact information about your current elected State and Federal Representative can be found here with instructions based on districting.  

Clean Water for North Carolina

A nonprofit organization that promotes clean, safe water and environments in North Carolina.  They take action through community organizing, education and advocacy with programs that focus on community empowerment, pollution accountability and environmental enforcement.  There are various ways to become involved, from donating to volunteering and taking action.

Pamlico-Tar River Foundation Riverkeepers

The Pamlico-Tar River Foundation employs Heather Jacobs Deck as a full-time Riverkeeper monitor. As a Riverkeeper, Heather wears a number of hats: investigator, scientist, educator, lobbyist, advocate, and public media spokesperson. But one person can't do it all. That's why the Pamlico-Tar River Foundation offers volunteer opportunities where you can help them to preserve and restore your Tar-Pamlico River. Check their website for ways to volunteer and take action!

Tar River Land Conservancy

​TRLC works to perserve the natural and cultural resources of the Tar River Basin. They work in partnership with private landowners, public agencies and others to protect rural landscapes and riparian corridors. They work directly with landowners to protect their natural areas. TRLC works towards these objectives by acquiring conservation land and easements and collaborating with private entities on projects. Volunteering with TRLC helps them to protect open space, water quality and wildlife habitat. 

Something Stinks in Creedmore 

This initiative was started by Jean Blaine of Creedmore after she heard about a plan to discharge sewage effluent into the Tar River over an aeration cascade. Jean has fired up the residents of her city against this potentially very stinky issue.

Well Testing
Did you know that you can have your well water tested? Upon request, Environmental Health staff through the Granville Vance District Health Department will sample your well water. The sample will then be sent to the NC Public Health Lab for analysis. This analysis will give you information on inorganic contaminants, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, and other toxins that you may suspect have leached into well water.  After testing, they will give you their recommendations on chlorination procedures, problems in well construction, sources of contamination, etc. Set up an appointment by calling 919-693-2141 or emailing   Please note that there is a fee involved in this testing.

Use the form below if you would like to know further information about becoming involved with ongoing projects, or if you would like to let us know about a relevant project you would like posted in the community projects section.

* Projects centered in Granville County may be conducted by third party members of the community and may not reflect the opinions and views of all members of the Coon and Fishing Creeks Investigation and Restoration Subcommittee.