What We’re Doing

Communication - Conservation - Restoration - Education - Community - Action 

Conserving the creeks and streams of Granville County through community engagement. We aim to provide information to citizens, partner with residents and educators to increase priority for local ecosystem projects and education, and serve as a conduit for concerned citizens to pertinent organizations and government representatives.

Granville County Stormwater Utility
​Granville County one of a four jurisdictional jointly managed watershed management.  Find out information regarding the stormwater utility management.

Protect your area's water 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a great resource for information on how you can take action from home in protecting your water supply or support for campaigns and volunteer monitoring initiatives.  

EPA profile details of the Upper Tar Watershed.  Find details about monitoring data, watershed assessments, and registered citizen based groups with the EPA and U.S. Geological Survey provided information. 

Fishing Creek Local Watershed Plan
Provides information regarding the local watershed plan and related facts and development. 

Identify Streams and Their Origins

The NC Division of Water Quality of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources provides a comprehensive guide in identification of intermittent and ephemeral streams. 

Clean Water

Chair: David Hinton


Water conservation and management, communication, and community involvement

Citizens Collaborating for Pristine Creeks

Coon & Fishing Creeks Investigation & Restoration Subcommittee (CFC-IRS)

A poem, "Stream Dream" by Harvey Spurr composed on February 6, 2015.