Creek Projects

Conserving the creeks and streams of Granville County through community engagement. We aim to provide information to citizens, partner with residents and educators to increase priority for local ecosystem projects and education, and serve as a conduit for concerned citizens to pertinent organizations and government representatives.

Meetings & Events

Rivers supply drinking water, irrigation, electricity, and recreation. Small streams and their associated creeks and wetlands are just as important. They provide habitat for birds, fish and other aquatic species. They mitigate flood damage and support downstream areas. Here, we provide you with some resources to help keep our creek water clean. 

Clean Water

  • Clean Water for North Carolina
  • Riverkeepers and Creekwatchers
  • "Something Stinks in Creedmore"
  • Soil and water conservation
  • And more!

There are several past, present and upcoming projects that have been spearheaded by the people in our community. From partnerships with local schools to research projects with nearby Duke University, These projects aim to build awareness, conserve the streams and land around them, and to promote good practices.

Our Mission

EAC Meeting

Monday, May 11 @ 10am

Richard H Thornton Library, 210 Main Street, Oxford, NC 27565

Get Involved

Citizens Collaborating for Pristine Creeks

As a citizen of Granville County, there are a number of ways that you can get involved! In most cases, no expertise is needed, just an interest in your community and the will to help. This page will give you information about organizations within the county and put you into contact with the appropriate people so that you can participate.

Coming soon!

Check back for more meeting and events.